One of those wandering artist from (and currently returned to) San Francisco, Aaron Malakai is generally obsessively pursuing the arts or the bars… sometimes both–at the same time.

The child of artist Patricia Smyth, Malakai was encouraged from an early age and self-taught, with no formal training in the arts until his early 30s when he began to study predominantly under the tutelage of Richard Rodriguez (then at City College of San Francisco.)  After a brief and unfulfilling stint at San Francisco’s Academy of Art*, Malakai returned to study under Rick Rodriguez until breaking out on his own.

To date, Malakai has sporadically lived as an Artist by Occupation and has had several successful independent shows in New York City, St. Petersburg FL, San Francisco CA, Lewisburg TN, Tampa FL, New Orleans LA, and several of California’s Russian River locales; he has sold pieces to private collectors in the US, Canada, and Europe.

He has pictures to prove it, he says.

Having recently returned to his hometown, San Francisco, from the humid swamps, humid bars, and humid tattoo parlors of Florida, Malakai once again looks forward to delving back into his art and is already impishly planning several upcoming solo and collaborative shows in the city he loves most.

From the artist:

Thank you so much for perusing through my website and artwork… it’s sincerely appreciated.  Feel free to poke around, comment here and there, share these pages with your friends, or give me free money!

I’ll do my best to update this site with art, moody contemplations, photos of me acting ridiculous or else attempting to hide from the camera, and a plethora of snarky comments and observations.


A. Malakai


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